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31st December 2013

Go for Tropical Vintage Weddings!

Palm Cove Photography has come up with special wedding packages on their Tropical Vintage Weddings this season. Cairns Wedding Photographers and video experts have launched this keeping in mind those people who wish to wed their partner in the beautiful surroundings of the nature. These weddings truly signify their name- Palm Cove Weddings as they are carried out under blue sky where the wedding area is surrounded by tropical alley of Palms and are a perfect gift of Angsana Five Stars Resorts! The natural sea waters surges up and down to wish the couple tying the knot for their new life; the whole ambience embodies the presence of GOD as if He has himself come to bless the wedding couple. While the bride and bridegroom are being blessed by serenity of nature, the expert team of Palm Cove Wedding Photographers does not miss a chance to capture any of their private and love moments.

Palm Cove Photography is incomplete if the wedding photographs and videos are not preserved in a special way. Therefore, the Palm Cove Wedding Photography by these Palm Cove Photographers is done in a way that it culminates in a nice Digital Magazine Album design full of personal touch and feels. So that, every time the couple looks at their Palm Cove Weddings photographs they tend to experience the emotion of love and warmth.

About the company: is an online portal of Wedding Eye and the company specializes in Cairns wedding photography. Their experienced Cairns Weddings photographers are skilled enough to click beautiful wedding photographs at Sydney, Perth or Brisbane or rather whole of North Queensland in Australia. The company has veteran group of Port Douglas Wedding Photographers who know how to shoot nice pictures of Port Douglas Weddings and craft them into a beautiful album.

Online visitors can visit the website of Pam Cove photographers and check the Galleries section to know about several other occasions that the company caters to- like portrait making, engagements and trash the dress events. The recent posts link contains exclusive nice wedding photographs of their customers and offers an insight of the previous work done by them.

7th January 2014

Capture true essence of your Silky Oaks Wedding!

With the advent of Year 2014, there has been a rise in people willing to get married not only in Australia but whole of the world. What is making the ambience all the more alluring is the launch of wedding packages! Keeping the special mood and love in the air feel in mind, Palm Cove Photography team too has come up with special offers and packages on complete wedding video photography. The retro and vintage weddings also called Beach weddings are the highlight of the wedding season. The wedding ceremonies are performed besides isolated sand cay beaches and offer a perfect private destination for the couple to get love lost. Featured with nice beautiful photographs in vibrant colors; these wedding packages by modern Palm Cove Wedding Photographers offer an ideal way of celebrating the event of wedding. Through their professional Cairns Wedding Photographers, Port Douglas Wedding Photographers and Palm Cove Wedding Photographers; the Palm Photography & Video company plans to make the special moments of their clients truly a memorable one!

Their wedding photographers who have rich experience in taking wedding photographs are skilled in making nice wedding albums too! Through these wedding packages, the company offers its wishes to its ready to be married customers. By gifting newly-wed couple with speaking portraits of their wedding ceremony nicely wrapped and crafted in an album; the company wants the wedding couple to head towards a happy marital life. To accentuate the complete joy of marriage, special offers are being given by the expert photographers’ team.

About the company:

Palm Cove Photography and Video team is a venture of Wedding eye and is operated mainly through their online portal The company is known for their realistic wedding photographs that portray true essence of wedding. Through their Palm Cove Wedding Photography and Cairns wedding Photography their expert professional wedding photographers cater their services in areas like Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Townsville and Queensland.

Shooting Cairns Weddings, Palm Cove Weddings and Port Douglas Weddings photographs & video is their specialty. Other expert area of the company’s domain is Palm Cove Photography, trash the dress, family and portrait Cairns photography and children photography that is done by highly skilled Palm Cove Photographers.


Wedding Photography – Traditionalism Wrapped in Modernity

16th February 2014

With the ever changing society, traditionalism has hidden its face in a corner. With growing technology and developing architectures in every field, life has become like a shutter of a wild life photographer whose lens never shuts down. There is a wind of dynamic change in each and every field, including technology, creativity or photography. With invention of camera, came the era of preserving moments and now with development of those cameras in terms of features, came the era of advancing the preserved moments. Companies like Palm Cove Wedding Photography are some of the examples.

Palm Cove Wedding Photography is a specialized body of wedding photographers. Their team of expert photographers travelled to show the magic of their lenses through their each click. Not only do they offer wedding photographers but also offer knowledge regarding their expertise and techniques. They give you complete knowledge regarding various styles of photography, their advantages and disadvantages. You will get a complete package of photography album along with video from Palm Cove Wedding Photography. Their expert photographers give you memories wrapped in reels. Palm Cove Photography offers both traditional and contemporary style of wedding photography. However, the contemporary ones are nothing but traditional work wrapped in a modern package. The photojournalism and illustrative are the two contemporary variants of Palm Cove Photography whereas there is traditional style available also. This photography house has some real talents preserved for them. The photographers working for Palm Cove Photography are experienced and well versed with each technique. Their portfolio proves each of their words.

They a superb track record of complete customer satisfaction and this has been achieved through quality work in a smart way. With their deliver of memories with ease and style, Palm Cove photographers have won the hearts of many people. Also, they have a very convenient book pattern, get into their website, browse it, check out their previous work, are rest assured and then book for your own wedding, it is simple and easy. Keeping in mind the life of today, Palm Cove Photography has worked all in favour of their customers to keep them happy and get from them.

Avail the excellent services of media favorite Palm Cove Photographer.

Palm Cove Photography team is always in an attempt to bring something new for their customers. Going ahead in the series, this time they have come up with offering some marvelous suggestions on wedding specials like trash the dress, engagement, or portrait making. This can be more beneficial for those individuals who have the tendency to settle down for nothing but the best.

Under this, their Palm Cove Wedding Photographer offer nice and unique ways of doing video shoots. They proceed further in tendering suggestions for trash the dress and similar events. The basic purpose behind doing so is that the Palm Cove Wedding Photography experts want to ensure that they do not miss out any of the bride’s picture that too without the true colors.

Means, they lay special preference to background imaging, ambience and overall scenario before deciding on the most apt posture or dressing style for the bride. Done by the experienced Palm Cove Wedding Photographers, with a view to make the pictures timeless photographs for the bride, they leave no stone unturned in making complete use of their technical photography skills.

Their photography skills are not limited to clicking pictures of Palm Cove Weddings, Cairns Weddings and Port Douglas Weddings, as they are also expert in preparing music video films of the wedding ceremony.

About the company:

Palm Cove Photography is a team of highly expert Cairns Wedding Photographers and Port Douglas Wedding Photographers who have been into this field from years. Popularly called the media favorites, they assure that their pictures, images, portraits, photographs and video albums offer stunning experience so that they can be remembered as master pieces. Their other areas of expertise are beach weddings, Cairns family and portrait photography.

With the vision to deliver what is expected in the times to come, these wedding photographers wish to capture the wedding market of Australia. Emerging as one of the pioneering complete photography groups they know how technology can be used to enhance the quality and eminence of modern day photography. This is reason that they operate themselves mainly through their online portal